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Pawna Blue Water Camping

Safar at Pawana Blue Water Camping

The sheets of stars, the fun of the fire, and the company of friends, what more do you want in life...
We were going to Pawna Lake to experience something like this.

We left home early on Saturday morning because we live in Mumbai. We traveled by car or bike. After reaching Lonavla, our camping place was a bit far. So we proceeded with a visit to Pawna Lake. We had tents on the other side of the lake.

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Pawna Blue Water Camping


Pawana Lake, located in Maval taluka of Pune district of Maharashtra, is a favorite destination for adventure sports or activities like camping and water sports enthusiasts. This is an artificial lake which has been formed due to the Pawana Dam. Located in the middle of Mumbai and Pune, the distance of Pawana Lake from Pune is about 60 kilometers and the distance from Mumbai is about 120 kilometers. This lake is also very close to the famous hill station Lonavala in Maharashtra. Many times we had heard about Pawana Lake that it is a very beautiful place and a very well-known place from the point of view of camping.

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